Spannedness and Significance.Lavenham, UK.

Suffolks Meadows. Spannedness & Significance

It is difficult to express and idea in simple words, but more difficult to achieve it with images, said Gaughin.
The title alludes to two of the four characteristics of Heidegger's World Time which I see completely developed in the image, but more on the original scene I try to describe.


Yet there is a world of silence, the perceived world


In search of path. Cavendish

It is as if nature is teaching artists, not nature's own language, since only a Platonist thinks that representations exist independently of meaningful practices, but rather nature is leading artists to improve their language for representing her under one aspect.

my Appropriation of a comment of H Dreyfus to M Heidegger

Whereness. Civita Vecchia

In every definite here and there
something like a where or more precisely,
whereness must already be understood

Magda King